Home Inspiration: Kristen Cadwallader

Home Inspiration: Kristen Cadwallader

On today's blog post, we step inside the elegant home of Kristen Cadwallader, founder and stylist of Bliss at Home. Read on for tips and inspiration on how to achieve this luxuriously stylish look for your home.

The living room - the one space everyone gathers in the most. For a look as stylish as this one, you'll notice it begins with a clean colour palette, combined with little details of bold metallic colours. Kristen went with a white and gold/bronze combination, with a mix of stylish decor and accessories for contrast.

For coffee table styling, we're taking mental notes on this simple arrangement. It can look as fancy as you want it, but remember to be practical because when guests are around, you'll need space for drinks and bites on the table.

And if you happen to love bar carts and DIY, head over here to see how you can source for one and refurbish it yourself without spending a bomb. 

Love books? Love decor even more? Then a large shelf display in your living room is all you need. See how to style your shelves here. Give life to your shelves with beautifully framed photos, decorative ornaments and your favourite books.

Home offices are all the rage now, why settle for less when you can achieve a look like this one. For a look like Kristen's desk, use metallic accents on the desk like our in-house designed Terracotta Tray in gold. Our colourful collection of wallpaper for a feature wall where your desk sits will instantly breathe life into your creative space. Or if you're more of a DIY kind of person, using our wallpaper for the insides of your cabinets like Kristens', will give your furniture a little something extra.

No one likes clutter. Organise your vanity counter with trays, jewellery boxes or terrariums and decorative pieces for hanging jewellery. See accessories to help you organise, with ornaments like our Snow White piece that works great for hanging necklaces and bracelets.

For a bit of fun, try experimenting with the nursery/kid's room. If you don't have any children, you could do the same with your work desk space or bathroom - they're small spaces that doesn't require too much time to complete.

Kristen's son's room features a design scheme that mixes Scandinavian designs with modern elements - a fun and versatile mix. To achieve this look quick, wallpaper takes the forefront again. Have a look at our Kid's collection for more styling options.

Love what you see so far and want to add little glimmers of gold? Instead of giving your home a renovation, try it with pieces like our Golden Goddess Vase for an effortless touch of luxe, and don't forget to add fresh blooms for an extra touch. That rhymed unintentionally!

Oh the #HomeEnvy is strong in this one! For more homes to lust for, click here

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