Summer Trends

Summer Trends

What's hot this Summer? Well if it ain't the heat, it's these home inspiring trends taking homes by storm. If you're looking to give your spaces a mini Spring/Summer makeover, then read on for inspiring interiors to fall in love with.

Treasure Hunter

Sick of mass produced interior that loses it's meaning when you spot them in every home you see? Then you're into one of a kind pieces, handcrafted with love. These little treasures tell a story and give your table tops and shelves personality. If you support local, or love scouring decorative interior while travelling to exotic places, then nail this "Treasure Hunter" summer look, and give your homes a unique personalised look with our CLUSTERHOME collection, made by regional artisans and designed by us. 

Psychedelic Pop

Coachella may be over but traces of psychedelic colours and bohemian vibes are still trending and used as inspiration for many. Perhaps it's the relaxed "I woke up like this" look people love so much. An almost organised eclectic mess that just works. The best way to get this look is by injecting a mix of fabrics, from rugs to fabrics on your sofa with a mix of colourful pillows like the Indie Pillow Set, or glassware like our Turkish Delight Cups and Flutes for a minimal colour pop while entertaining. You know what they say, go bold or go home. 

Arizona Desert Dreaming 

A top favourite among the hottest summer trends this year, is one that plays with natural elements and the love for minimal vintage Scandinavian pieces. Think luxurious fabrics with minimal pops of luxe, and a healthy amount of plants and cactuses to add to the mix. Get the look with our assorted collection of decor that includes fur throwscactuses, wall mounts, mixed with elements of wood furniture for a clean and cosy enclave.

Mixing Metals
We can't get enough of mixed metals, paired with matte finishes, and any other polished finishes for a luxurious twinkle. Great for spaces in need of a more gender neutral style - and perfect for the masculine bachelor. See here for tips on how to style for him.
Tropical Vibes
Nature in all its glory! We're seeing more and more homeowners who aren't afraid to experiment with walls (kudos to you!), giving their homes a mini make-over with our collection of wallpaper. One massive summer trend that we absolutely love is the tropical look mixed with metallic decor and wood elements. 
Nail the look and channel interior charm with a mix of vintage finds like Noshery cafe or CreatureS. Pick a feature wall in a room to begin, and see our Old Havana and The Governor's Mansion wallpaper designs to start with, and you'll be on your way to nailing that stylish magazine worthy home in a jiff'.
Tribal Accents
We love the mix of rich ethnic colours and prints incorporated in a modern home environment. Instantly brighten up any interior with a simple piece, like our Kilim rug, a piece that will last for generations. 
And there you have it! The hottest summer trends this year that you can have for yourself, and it all begins with one decorative piece at a time. Happy decorating!
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