DIY Edition: Easter Eggs

DIY Edition: Easter Eggs

Easter is just around the corner, and if you are, like most people, the worst at DIY then take some creative tips below for easy to do easter projects, that'll have your kids, family and friends well impressed!

Apart from the casual smiley face we're all so good at, this adorable bunny design takes a little more precision, but the end result will have you smile from ear to ear! 

See how to create this here.  

Next up we've got an easy one that'll get your attention. All you'll need is a little baby's breath wreath and a marker pen.

See how to make a mini flower wreath here.

If you're into delicate lace you'll love this next design. Simple, elegant and all you'll need is a ribbon of lace, glue and the paint colour for the egg shell base of your choice. 

This next little Easter project is one you can eat. Perfect for entertaining guests as a starter, served on a platter.

See recipe here

For a smashing party, this one is oddly satisfying to whack and a great treat for kids' games.

Make your own egg pinata here.

And finally, what's a party without balloons? Well a sad one. Get creative with washi tape, and give these balloons an Easter make-over.

See how here.

Header image from here.

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