5 Steps To A Stylish Bedroom

5 Steps To A Stylish Bedroom

A good nights' sleep is essential to start the day right. Get off the right side of the bed with these 5 easy interior tricks, so you feel well rested and refreshed, everyday.

1) Add a touch of personality with framed wall art, prints or photographs. Try mixing framed pieces in a cluster on the wall for an added layer of texture.

Geo Pastel Art Print by Yorkelee, from $16

2) A bedside lamp is key to help you achieve a cosy ambient glow in the evening, perfect to snuggle to with your favourite book in your comforter.

Minima Lamp in rose gold, $57

3) Place a plant in your bedroom for an instant sense of freshness. Try a faux plant or terrarium with a little succulent to add to the mix. 

Jungle Star, $26

4) A bed with throw pillows to style will make you want to jump into bed all over again. It's an easy way to give your room a bit more colour and style, not to mention comfort. 

The Shelly Patterned Pillow, $35

5) Throw this fluffy piece onto the end of your bed, or on the floor by the bedside. Its luxuriously cosy feel will give your room that luxurious hotel feel in an instant. 

It's so fluffy throw in white, $60

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