5 Steps to a Stylish Gallery Wall

5 Steps to a Stylish Gallery Wall

On today's blog post, we show you how to give your walls an eclectic makeover and create a refreshing new gallery wall, using combinations of framed art, decorative pieces and just about anything you want to display. 

Read on for 5 simple steps to a magazine worthy wall collage.

STEP 1: 

Gather a few of your favourite things to display. These could be a combination of framed posters, art prints, or photos of matching colours. These pieces basically form the base of the collage.  


Mix a few items of different size and texture. Think mirrors, coasters, plates or anything that goes. There are no rules to this, and you can get really creative with this because it should reflect your personality or your love for specific items.


Add artistic dimension to your collage with 3D pieces, pop of colour or conversation starters (like that souvenir piece you got from your last vacation). Displays like hats, masks, buntings and wall mounts all work perfectly when mixed with framed pieces.


Lay the pieces out on the floor and arrange them to your desired look before you hang them up on the wall. One way to start is to identify a hero piece and build the rest of the display around it.  This is usually the largest piece in the collection. 


Hang up your pieces, using the final layout that you've created on the floor as a guide. Start with the hero piece and then the rest. 

Worried about precision during this step? A nifty trick is to trace an outline of the pieces on paper and make cut outs. Stick them to the wall and arrange them in place till you are ready to hammer or make holes for the finale.

Head on over to see stylish and quirky pieces that would look really lovely on your gallery wall over here. Enjoy!

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