5 Styling Guest Room Tips

5 Styling Guest Room Tips

Friends visiting from out of town? Renting out a spare guest room while you're away? Whatever the reason, welcoming people into your home is like inviting them into your private sanctuary. 

Spoil your guests and show off your hosting abilities with these 5 steps, and they just may never want to go home!

Flowers and green plants add an immediate freshness to any room, and your guests will experience a warm welcome with the greeting of our potted friends. Pop fresh flowers into a tall vase and accentuate alongside with shorter houseplants like cacti and succulents. If you’re not the biggest fan of live plants, try fake ones or low-maintenance terrariums, which do the job just as well.
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bedside accessories

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Guests are used to having a certain set of necessities within reach in their own bedrooms. Provide them with a bedside table to keep these nearby - a reading lamp, charging port and drawer space will enhance their overnight experience. We’ve all had that hotel room peeve: the power sockets for charging up your mobile device are by the TV, causing you to make the awkward decision of sitting in front of a blaring screen to use your phone simultaneously. None of that!

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bed cushion styling

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We can’t deny it: fluffy cushions are the best. Predict the sleeping or lounging habits of your guests and fill the guest bed with extra cushions, pillows and throws. They instantly beautify the star of the room and are multi-functional; providing added comfort for reading or for propping up tired legs after a day out and about.
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water pitcher guest room

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It’s natural for your guests to want a good amount of privacy within the room. Some guests may be shy to walk around the entire apartment to reach communal areas like the kitchen and living room, so it’d be an added delight to bring these things to them.
Think about the basic necessities they’d need. A pitcher of drinking water, a coffee machine and easy snacks will be sufficient to give them comfort and save them the hassle of leaving the room in the middle of the night.
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stacked books reading material

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That said, if you haven’t got a TV in the guest room, chances are your visitors will look to their phones or iPads for entertainment during their downtime. Reading materials, an audio dock and games are tidbits you can use to keep your guests occupied, all while having the full home-stay experience.
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