Lighting for Productivity at Work

Lighting for Productivity at Work

As a writer, I spend most of my time working remotely. On most days, you’ll find me aggressively tapping onto WIFI hotspots in cafes around town and ordering up iced teas and pretty cakes. Needless to say, these work habits have caused some serious damage to my wallet (and waistline). Staying home and finding a sweet spot to get my focus on is most ideal, but fighting the afternoon lethargy in the comfort of your own home is never easy.

But alas! I’ve found that choosing the right lighting has increased my productivity and kept the drowsiness away. If you’re facing the same problem, here are a couple of lighting tips that may help you.

lighting montage

(From L-R) Birdcage Chandelier, $60Polly Parrot Light, $100The Quartro Lamp, $140The Atom Bulb, $25

1. Use direct lighting

Whenever I have to read paragraphs of words or a lengthy document, I’ll bring out my table lamp; with the direct light source, I get control over how much useful light is reflected onto my work area and enhancing my information-absorption.

2. Remove shadows or dim lighting

Our brains are less efficient in darkness, and eliminating shadows caused by light reflecting off objects is one way to maintain your productivity nearing dusk. At 4pm each day, I move my work out to a large area in the dining hall, where there is less clutter, and hence less shadows around.

3. Opt for blue light

I’m one of those people up late at night fooling around on their mobile phones. It turns out that blue wavelengths from the screen is scientifically proven to stimulate our brain and keep us awake, which is perfect for use in the daytime. Opt for blue light to keep concentration levels high and the snooze at bay.

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