Kids Halloween Edition: Bringing the Outdoors In

Kids Halloween Edition: Bringing the Outdoors In


(Image from Architecture Art Designs)

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(Image from The Style Files)

Do you remember building forts out of blankets and mattresses as a kid? It was something my siblings and I always did, and is a great part of my childhood that’s still vivid in my mind. Fortunately and unfortunately, I am still the same as an adult. On my 24th birthday, a few friends and I set up a teepee and had a slumber party with pillows and blankets. It’s the experience of creating your own makeshift “home” that’s the most thrilling!

This Halloween, why not gather the young ‘uns and bring them on an outdoor adventure without leaving the house?

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(From L-R) The Longhouse Teepee, $85Parrot Pillow Set, $35, Everyday Hero Cup, $12The Sweet Stand, $30

With a teepee, the kids can choose from so many different themes this Halloween! The makeshift home can take on multiple roles from princess castles to Little Red Indian hideouts - you can even open the teepee up and turn it into a beautiful backdrop for photos. Prepare popcorn, Halloween candy, a movie and some spooky games and they'll be kept entertained all night. 

As the night draws closer to an end, drape fairy lights all over the teepee and on the blankets and dim the lights in the room to send the kids into a good night's slumber. You deserve some shut-eye too. 

Happy Halloween!

Header image from Limetreekids
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