Let's talk Wallpaper

Let's talk Wallpaper

 A few months ago, I visited a friend at home and was immediately taken by her living room. The main wall was lined in full brick, whitewashed glory and looked stunning with the light streaming through the room’s large windows. Imagine my astonishment when, upon a curious touch, I discovered the faux façade was simply wallpaper she’d purchased online.

This led to instant #WallEnvy. I’ve always admired beautiful wallpaper but never had the guts to give a project this intimidating a go. How large a section should I cover? Are all wallpaper waterproof? Would the teardown leave traces of glue on my walls?

If your reservations about wallpapering echo mine, read on!

cluster-cluster wallpaper collage

(More wallpaper designs over at Cluster-Cluster)

Choosing Wallpaper and Setting up

Pick wallpaper made of non-woven materials. They’re environmentally conscious, breathable and leave no damage to your walls during removal. Check out how to DIY set up wallpaper in this issue of our E-mag. But if you're not as ambitious, the team at Cluster-Cluster have an amazing wallpaper contractor who goes by the name Uncle Tony they recommend their customers for easy installation. Sorted!

If you're new to this, choose a statement wall that you want to really stand out, and work on that before thinking of covering an entire room. This will give you an indication of how well the design you've picked pairs with your surroundings, and not overdo it at the same time.

If you're still not sure but want to give your walls a touch of personality, you can find wall-stickers that peel off easily here.

Maintaining Wallpaper

As non-woven wallpapers are made with natural materials, they can easily be kept clean and new with soap and a sponge. If you have children at home who increase the risk of staining or spillage, your usual cleaning detergents will restore the wallpaper's gleam. 

Tearing down Wallpaper

When it's time for a change of scenery, you'll be glad to know that removing wallpaper is not as intimidating as you imagine. Gone are the days of sticky residue, wall damages or even wallpaper tears. Simply start with one corner and peel off the paper without water or resistance. 

We've got your Covered

So if you're looking to spruce up your space, you can get more help and information by sending the Cluster-Cluster team your wall dimensions (length and height), along with the wallpaper design you love, and you're already a step closer to a magazine worthy home. 

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