Upcycling Magic

Upcycling Magic

Looking for a new shelf, furniture for the kid's room, or new storage solution for your home or office space? Before you decide to head out shopping, have a look at what you already have at home and you'd be surprised to find that with a few materials you already have stored away, you could bring new life to your old things. 

2-in-1 Shelving Solution

(Image from Yiconglu)

Never saw this coming but just by hanging old wooden folding chairs on your wall not only gives your wall space a bit of an edge (painting old chairs a funky shade of cool will do the trick) but also a much needed shelf space and rod to hang clothes while doubling up as a spare seater for guests - perfect for small studios or dorms.

(Image from Remodelista)

Wine bottle Chandelier

Sometimes a hanging pendant just isn't enough. I feel you. Nothing wrong with a dramatic dining room setting. So next time you've got spare bottles after a feast with family or friends, put it aside and create this gorgeous chandelier with left over bottles. 

We think placing one of two hanging bulbs in between each cluster would give it a wonderful glow and the perfect ambience for your next dinner party.

(Image from Skurniture

But if you're feeling adventurous and want to know how to place actual bulbs in a bottle, here's detailed instructions to get you started.

Skateboard Table

Did you use to skate or have a brother that did, or dating/married someone that use to hit the ramps back in the day? If you've got a board lying around and can't part with it, then this could be the answer you've been looking for.

Okay I admit, this needs a little leg-work but doesn't it look awesome? If you've got more than 1 board lying around and have kids, this could make a great DIY project to do with them. Get your little ones involved and have them paint the boards in their favourite colours and create a wonderful seating space with a simple wood structure. 

(Image from Etsy)

Tennis Racket Mirror

One of my personal favourites, evoke Wes Anderson vibes to your wall space with these DIY tennis racket mirrors. Head to a mirror/glass shop with the measurements of your racket face and have it fixed on with liquid nails mirror adhesive. Have it pressed onto the back of the looking glass and firmly press it onto the strings before drying overnight. Now that's a decorative ace!

(Image from Country Living)

Tetra Box Lamp

And finally, to end this post with an atmospheric bang, after seeing this, you'll never look at empty packet drinks the same again. 

Designer Ed Chew shared a really cool idea of how to recycle discarded drink packets into a beautiful overhead lamp, casting an impressive web of shadows and shapes by folding drink packet material into hexagonal and pentagonal sections.

The end result is spectacular and just by piecing them together forming a geodesic sphere at any desired shape you choose, you'll end up with upcycling magic.

Learn how to create your own sphere of awesomeness on YouTube.

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