Styling with Glass Boxes

Styling with Glass Boxes

We’re all familiar with home accessorising trends. The past year, glass diamonds, boxes and terrariums have been sitting in the spotlight, providing homeowners with dressing up fun for their coffee tables and bedrooms.

They come in all shapes, sizes and even colour – hello, rose gold! – and it can be a headache choosing the ones you’ll put to good use. Sure, the glass pieces would look great with a mini cactus sitting inside, but there are an endless number of usages to explore.

I recently picked up a couple of glass boxes myself and I’ve discovered these wonderful ways to utilise them for different rooms and purposes. Read on!

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In the Bedroom

At the end of a long day, I enjoy lighting a couple of scented candles in my room, not necessarily to illuminate it, but to let the lingering aromas shed calmness in my bedroom. Candles, especially tea lights, and even fairy lights are fuss-free and sit pretty in a glass, emitting a gentle glow.

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On the Coffee Table 

I’m quite the perfectionist when it comes to my living room. Over the years, I’ve collected many coffee table books that start great conversations when guests come over. Pop a couple of ornaments or potpourri into a glass diamond and set it alongside your books, snacks and candles, and you’re set for an afternoon of great company.


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On your Vanity Counter 

(Image from Style Motivation)

This point is pretty self-explanatory – we all want to encase our favourite jewellery in a beautiful home and display them for all to see. With a glass diamond, I’d store my loose pieces of delicate earrings, studs and rings to prevent them from going missing amidst the chaos that is my beauty counter. Not only are your jewellery stored safely, a lid over the glass also reduces risk of the metals oxidising.

design sponge

(Image from Design Sponge)

So if you're looking to give your table tops a splash of style, check out Cluster-Cluster's collection of terrariums and jars here. If not for yourself, with X'mas around the corner, these glass boxes would certainly make for a stylish and practical gift. Hurry, their End Year Sale is on from now till end 2015.

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