Say Hello to a Stylish 2016

If your 2015 has been as turbulent yet terribly wonderful as mine, you’ll be equipped with all the energy in the world for 2016. This year, I put up a very tough fight with my quarter-life crisis(es) , and I’m bidding 2015 goodbye a stronger and more optimistic individual.

One of the many things that piqued my interest this year is funnily enough, the reason I’m writing on Cluster-Cluster. The universe of interior furnishing and home décor is one I’ve been exploring and diving nose-deep into. With all the Airbnbs and home stay options popping up, I aspire to one day have a home worthy of curious guests of my own!

The year has been one for marble and copper – what’s new in 2016?

Brit & Co Craftberry BushDesign Sponge

You Don’t have to be Outdoors to be Outdoors

Remember our Halloween edition of Bringing the Outdoors In? Combining small plants, lounge chairs, hammocks and lanterns within your four walls as they would outside the house gives off an incredible feeling of breezy cool. The lush tropical vibe will be forever timeless, giving your home a cosiness achieved most effortlessly. What a money saver! We see this trend staying true even throughout 2016...

LagarbatellaTargetMan Made DIY

The Metals are Here to Stay

…but this time with their metallic friends. Instead of going full-copper (or gold, or silver), marry all three metals for the epitome luxe. Mixing materials up create a brilliant contrast - marble with copper, concrete with white porcelain, the possibilities are truly endless.

West ElmLush Home

Embrace Artisanal Goods

The majority of us are attracted to the gleam of metals and smell of leather. How about some woven rattan? Locally sourced and lovingly made craft products will create stories to share within your living room and add a raw, unexpected touch amongst your modern furniture. We see local and regional craft pieces making a come back, mixing well with the tropical climate.

Add simple gestures like these to your home, and say hello to a stylish 2016, made simple!

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