Sprucing up your Workspace with Colour

Sprucing up your Workspace with Colour

WORK MODE - While some people work harder in an office environment surrounded by the hustle, others feel unmotivated in office settings that come off cold and dull. Most could say the same while working at home, either feeling distracted or completely in creative overdrive with the freedom to think in a comfortable setting. Naturally, this has everything to do with the way you style your work desk, at the office or at home.

Offices and work spaces are created for their functionality. Often designed to provide the bare necessity for their function, they are usually plastered with dull colour palettes to exude the solemn and seriousness of its purpose and also to emphasise the idea of uniformity. The atmosphere created by their colours layer lethargic and disinterest on its occupants. Fortunately, we're starting to see a trend in a number of offices injecting colours to create a more conducive and exciting environment for its team to raise work productivity with personality at work.

Before you rush into picking every colour off the rainbow and turn your work space into unicorn land, read on to see the many ways to spruce up your workspace tastefully.

(Images from HusohemDecoratualma and Kimberly Novesel)

For a pastel palette, pick a warm and simple colour background. We love shades of grey or cream white to compliment colourful layering, giving off a cool pop effect. Pastels of pink, mint, blue and yellow are great choices for a decorative pop. Throw cosy cushions on your work chair, like our Jagged Lil Pillow in Style A to complete the look.

(Images from Decor8 , Block Design and Harligthemma)

If saturated and vibrant colours are your happy pills, try mixing them up with subtle hints of colour to create contrast. One of the quickest ways to achieve the look is to put up graphics and artwork on your desk pin board. Remember to keep your colours and neutrals balanced, or it may come off a little cluttered.

(Images from The DecoristaGlitter guide and Noted List)

Other colours you could play with comes from the rich shades inspired by precious stones. Sapphire blue, emerald green and amber are perfect for achieving that luxury executive look. Spruce it up with metallic pieces to add a touch of class, while incorporating potted plants to breathe life and balance to your work space.

(Image from Little Green Notebook)

For show-stopping personalities that love neon and bold prints, the simplest and most stylish way to add your favourite shade of wow is through graphics or organisation/storage items like our Hex Box Set. Put it against your monochromatic desk for a colour pop, perfect for an energy pump to your workspace. Rugs under the desk and chair are also great spots to add contrast. If you love prints as much as we do, see our selection of rugs here or browse our work desk collection here and say hello to a more stylish and productive workspace.

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