Home Inspiration : Sarah Akwisombe

Home Inspiration : Sarah Akwisombe
Bold feature walls with complementary pop of colours and vintage pieces which draws our eyes with visual hierarchy is prominent in the home of UK Interior Stylist, Sarah Akwisombe. We love how her home is one that holds a lot of visual excitement with resounding eclectic and quirky personality. 
Monochromatic graphic wall-covering like our Canary Wharf and Lady Ellanor wallpaper with vibrant elements are seen layered with reflective elements in her living room. The timber credenza and pastel sofa injects warmth and further accentuates the room. This stylish palette is one that exudes sophistication and poise. 
Spotted on the entry walls, olive-lime is definitely a bold choice of colour that is not for the faint-hearted. With a cluster of gold frames and black and white artworks against it, it exudes class like the luscious olive velvet and gold combination during the Edwardian era.  It is also a delight to see that the rug, with a black border and vibrant abstract pattern acts as a visual anchor to the space.  
Resonating her personality and style, her bedroom features clean lines with strong and rich blue walls against loads of white elements. Statement pieces littered, as if in likeness of haphazard, build upon the relaxed atmosphere. 
We adore her modern eye for eclectic design which she collates like a dynamic spread in a fashion magazine. Exciting and tasteful. 
Sarah has also created balance with the strong colours in her home with several spaces styled in monochrome, instilled with bold statements nonetheless. Add a plant with The Tanker or add pebbles as fillers to the glass vessel to soften the ambience of the bathroom.
We hope that you're just as inspired by Sarah Akwisombe's home as we are! This mood board that we have put together is an easy one for you to kickstart and experiment with accent colours and infuse non-monolithic elements to your home. For more Home Inspiration, read our previous feature on Bleubird here
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