Stylish & Simple Decor for CNY

Stylish & Simple Decor for CNY

The year of the monkey is upon us! With all the shopping for all things lunar this year, to Styling with Fengshui - now comes the stage where we start decorating to give our homes a festive atmosphere for visiting guests, family and relatives. Without breaking the bank, here's a look at a few fast and simple DIY decor you can easily personalise for your home

For a bouquet of paper cherry blossom with a touch of personalisation, pick a few branches from your neighbourhood, scrunch up some crepe paper and glue it to the branches. Put them in a sleek and modern vase to achieve a sophisticated look. More detailed instructions on how to make these blooms can be found here

(Images from Craft-craft and Apairandaspare)

Hang gorgeous oversized paper lanterns by your front door to welcome guests, or in the corners of the room for an effortless charmingly Oriental vibe. See instructions on how to over here and you're one step away from a dramatic feature to your space. For ambient lighting, use tea light candles to place under smaller versions of the paper lanterns atop consoles or dining tables for a cosy and warm vibe.

If you have any trinkets from the previous year or packaging of CNY goodies, make some tassels and attach them to a large branch. Put the decor up either using removable hooks or hang them up by stringing the ends with fishing line. Red and gold charms with tassels is a combination that you can never go wrong with to infuse traditional charm to your home.

(Images from Urbancurator and Thebridescafe)

If you're looking at style your homes this year with modern elegance, without your space looking like someone threw a can of red paint in your home, try using accent colours like mint, turquoise and pink. Oriental influenced pieces like our Chinese Ceramic cups are ideal as drinkware or as vases for your table flower arrangement.

You can achieve the luxury look with our Chinoiserie pieces, Celadon Display Set and Moroccan Bird Cage or present them as gifts for guests.

(Images from Partyzco and Stylemepretty)

Now don't get us wrong, we're aware that not everyone has the time to DIY and create something out of nothing, and that's why we've got one for the lazy folks out there. Grab some orange or purplish pink large chrysanthemums while you shop for groceries or the florist for an easy gorgeous floral display on the table.

For a subtle hint of colour, use cocktail umbrellas to add in your drinks. Another great idea is to add simple paper origami cranes on top of plates or littered on your shelves and coffee table trays. Easy!

Now here's one for novelty but a fun extra to have at parties. These paper fortune cookies will have your guests entertained, and also make great gifts for a cosy dinner party. Place them in a large glass jar or at the start of dinner on plates and have everyone read it out. Include funny or inspiring quotes, and you're on your way to a great start to dinner.

Have fun crafting and decorating! 

Header image from: Instyle
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