Spring Cleaning Tips for CNY

Spring Cleaning Tips for CNY

If you've been too busy or been putting off spring cleaning for CNY, we're here to help! Less is more so prioritise the tasks at hand and target areas where guests will dominate. Think living room, dining area, bathrooms, kitchen, and guest or kids room (lock the rest of the rooms up) and hit them with your best shot. Get cracking with this bullet proof plan and start cleaning!

But first, you've got to get every help that you can get. Make sure you've got air purifying plants in your home for a natural home cleanse, then share the rest of the chores with your spouse, or anyone at home. If you have toddlers, have them help you out and reward them for putting their toys away.

Wash your fans
If you have standing fans, remove the covers and wash them. It's been a while, we know, so make sure you give it a good wash and leave them to dry while you get busy with everything else.


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Cleanse your bathroom
Probably the most used room in your home, especially when guests are around. Make sure you spot clean any stains using vinegar or bleach. Use a shower gel to soap and rinse the whole bathroom for a refreshing after-scent. Wash off any mess on bottles or toilet accessories, and finish off with a spritz air freshener.

EXTRA TIP: A quick hack to clean off silicon caulk— the translucent or white, glue-like edges on your tiles and tubs — place tissue or damp cloth along the silicon lining, add bleach on them. Remove 20 minutes later and wipe clean with damp cloth.

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Clear your kitchen top and island
Keep everything away in the cabinets. Wipe all work top surfaces using a solution mixed from dish washing detergent and water to remove grease and food stain. Mop your floor with the same mixture and rinse off with water after. 

Clean the floors
Put on a pair of socks while you sort the house out. Use your socks to attract dust and hair like a magic-wipe mop. Sweep any dust to a corner and pick them up as you go along.

Run an old brush or your fingers with a sock to pick up hair and any old strands from rugs and save the vacuuming work.

... Or you can get your child or to help you out while you hustle away with other areas!
Wipe dust off surfaces
Wipe all mirror and glass surfaces with newspaper and water. Keep any item that look way too complex to dust off or clean in a minute and hide them in one of your rooms. Close all bedroom doors when guests arrive or lock all out-of-bounds rooms if necessary, just in case... and remember the key! Sort them out another day!

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Change your sheets
Remember to change your bedsheets, especially if you're expecting guests to stay over or anyone who may need a place to nap in your home. Chuck them all in your washing machine till you have time to sort and wash them.

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Refresh the scent of your home

Open all windows for natural ventilation or shut them all and switch on all air condition in rooms. Put your aromatherapy diffuser to work with your favourite scent - a citrus orange scent is great for CNY, or light up some scented candles. Keep them on when guests arrive too. Just remember to leave the candles at a safe place like the top tier of a display shelf. 

Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

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