Home Inspiration : Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian

Home Inspiration : Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian

We see them on magazines, TV, hear about them on radio and every gossip column. It's clear the Kardashians' are no strangers to the limelight. As much as they are style icons for women all over the world, it looks like they'll be adding interior decorating to the mix as well. Today, we shine our #HomeInspiration spotlight on sisters Kourtney and Khloé's new homes in California.

Kourtney's home exhibits a modern take of the Tuscan style with interesting juxtapositions of modern art and vibrant colour. We love the idea of coming home to a stunning panoramic view, don't you? Any space with a generous throw of sunlight is ideal for any homeowner. To achieve this look, try using sheer curtains on your windows. 

What we think is a clever use of decorative lighting, is the use of clear glass hanging lights above their island table. You can get the look with our Saint Light, a perfect addition to rooms looking for clarity and cleanliness, and great for creating the illusion of space and airiness.

Monochromatic and stylishly symmetrical, Kourtney's living room packs great attention to layering. The bright pink floral arrangement breathes life and colour and gives subtle hints of pop while mixed beautifully against her light-cream coloured furniture. To get the look, try pairing nude colours with our statement monochrome graphic rug for a great alternative.

Kourtney's personal space is styled with warm colours with pops of fuchsia and striking red blooms. Her collection of colourful artwork brings your attention to the areas of focus, and we're loving it! Gather your favourite photos and art work and create a wall collage to instantly give your feature wall personality.

Bathroom goals am I right? Her elegant bathroom with dark wood cabinetry and grid rug goes perfectly well together. With this comfortable colour scheme and view, this space has definitely earned its spot on our list of Bathroom Inspiration. Get the look with a mix of wood and brown decor, while placing plants on your sink top to freshen things up.

We're seeing more and more playrooms that could rival most rooms, beautifully decorated with the trendiest toys and decor. Feast your eyes on Penelope and Reign's playroom styled with accents of fire engine red and loads of toys. The red theme transits to Penelope's room with a throw and pink neon lighting art which injects sass into the room. To add a modern feature piece like Reign's nursery, a rug like our Ink blot would be a perfect fit.


A glass of wine with friends outdoors? Khloé's cosy outdoor area is naturally what most of us can only dream of, but we can take elements of this Moroccan styled space and utilise what works for our balconies and outdoor spaces.

We love how rich and elaborated the texture and prints are in her family room. Monochromatic with a lot of exciting details, including the Anthony Monaco rug and wallpaper on the ceiling that you can recreate with our Canary Wharf wallpaper. 

While the Moroccan theme is normally portrayed with lavish bright colours and intricate details, Khloé's choice of using a clean white colour palette for her living room and cosy corner is a lovely alternative we need in our lives. Peace, tranquility and calm is all we see in this space.

A room that invites you to jump right in, we're loving the mix of texture and cosiness it exudes.

Of course the immaculate wardrobe and dresser of a fashion icon like Khloé cannot be missed. Lined with front-throw light bulbs, just like Old Hollywood, and layered with decorative vases - If you love the white hollow vase at the corner like we do, you can get yours here.

Like her sister's, the master bathroom is the perfect haven to unwind after a busy day! To get the look, use our Moroccan birdcage to house your scented candles for that extra spa treatment.

Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian's Homes are styled and decorated by the talented Martyn Lawrence Bullard. Photography by the team from Architectural Digest.
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