A Home for Him

A Home for Him

Today’s post is dedicated to interior styling tips for the ultimate man lounge, full of modern classics with a hint of aftershave.

Like a tailored suit, sharp and sophisticated without compromising comfort, styling a lounge fit for the modern man is very much similar. It's about finding the perfect mix of comfort and style. If leather, gorgeous timber and stone are all elements you could see yourself lounging in, read on.

First, decide on the main function of your manly lounge space. Is it just for game night with the boys, or is it your quiet sanctuary for you to read the papers with your coffee? If you can't decide, our go-to palette that instantly makes a statement and suitable for versatile use is the combination of neutrals and some added modern pieces.

Think timeless furniture designs with modern wood elements accompanied by accent leather pieces. The trick is to achieve sophistication without compromising comfort, the simple way.

Should the classic monochromatic scheme be your favourite - no frills with a "I mean business" statement, add a bit of colour with leather cushions on the couch and chrome decorative elements to add to the look. Choosing arm chairs with a metallic frame or our La Pistola table lamp would all be great additions and break away from the black and white monotony.

Other added features can be achieved with a collage of black and white photography on the wall, or with structural pieces like our Monochrome Rug underneath the coffee table to add texture and detail without seemingly trying too hard to impress. 

Other winning colour combinations that go great with neutrals include blue, orange, grey and brown. With just a touch of colour, this could be all you need to break the stigma of a formal black and white to a casual hangout. Try getting your inspiration from staple colours in your masculine wardrobe and work your way to incorporate patterned elements like houndstooth plaid or herringbone prints that blends well together quite effortlessly.

If going for neutrals and a monochrome palette is a little dull on your radar, copper, burnt orange and gun metal grey are a killer combination that screams double-0-7.

So remember, think about the function and type of comfort level you desire in your manly lounge space before you pick accessories to match. Always choose function over aesthetics. Lights like our Tripod Light is a great example of a piece that works functionally as a light source while being aesthetically pleasing to any masculine design palette.
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