Cushion Styling with 3 Looks

Cushion Styling with 3 Looks

In need of a quick makeover? Here's 3 inexpensive ways to style your lounge space - all you'll need is a combination of textures, colours, patterns and cushion sizes for a stylish and cosy living space.

1.Bermuda 2. Hand-knot 3. Cross Bead 4. Arrowhead 5. Rusti 

If you like nudes, browns and greys, then a mixed neutral cushion style will work perfectly for you. When layering these cushions, a fool proof way is to keep them in the same colour temperature with a mix of gradual tonality.

Styling tip: Adding textured pieces with gold accents not only helps break any monotony, they will give the arrangement texture.

Try mixing coarse textured fabrics in neutral colours and team with a smooth texture like leather.


1.Shades of Grey 2. Jagger Tassel 3. Samui 4.Gridlock 5.Eames 6. Bermuda

This collection is trademarked by amazing patterns. These cushions are extremely well suited for modern and contemporary interiors.

Styling tip: Try using cushions with different sizes to create a dynamic arrangement. It's important to get bigger size cushions for unusual prints and smaller cushions for simple prints. By doing so, you make styling a lot easier.

1.Technicoloured Dream 2. Shine Bright 3. All That Shimmers 4.Gridlock 5.Peacock Blue 6.Checkmate

Don’t be afraid to mix patterns or be bold with colour. Combing pattern is less tricky than you would imagine.

The trick is to co-ordinate colours that are cohesive and work well together. Select one overriding colour for emphasis that will convey a mood and set the tone. It's important to have an over-arching palette so the eye has somewhere to rest. You don't want your space to look too busy or become visually confusing.

Alternatively, introducing hints of complementary colours can create contrast and make the hero colour pop. Just be sure to select colours that harmonise with the rest of the interior elements within the home.

Styling tip: Before committing to an array of colours, try looking for inspiration that can help you identify which colours and prints would go well to fit the look that you are searching for. Or you can always seek a second opinion from a friend!  

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