Travel Diary: Our Current Favs' in Bali

Travel Diary: Our Current Favs' in Bali

Anomali coffee, Ubud

Located in the heart of Ubud central, this edgy yet quaint 2-story coffee house is quite possibly the finest purveyor of coffee in the whole of Bali.

Our first trip to this establishment was pure coincidental - stumbling in after a sweltering stroll around the bustling lanes of Ubud. The coffee packs a punch - leaving us buzzing for the rest of the afternoon. It’s a bonafide coffee lovers spot, with an eclectic interior and an expansive menu. The upstairs space, overlooking the idyllic streets below is one of our favourite spots to while away quiet afternoons in Ubud.

La Favela

There is little doubt in our mind that La Favela finds its way on our list of current favourite spots in Bali – located a little away from the busy core of Bali’s trendy Seminyak district.

In fact, it's so hidden that to the first-timer it can be easy to miss. That being said, it definitely stands out among the throngs of hip establishments in the area, with its stunning design and its ability to completely transform its appearance as day turns into night. 

As you walk into the property, you will be taken aback by the expansive grounds of La Favela. Whoever designed this amazing spot was all about the details, with your eyes constantly being drawn to something new, everywhere you look.

La Favela consists of a restaurant, the bar, a flowing garden and some private dining facilities so there really is something for everyone.  The food menu is split up into Raw, From the Garden, From the Bakery, Tapas, Green lovers, Fresh start and welcome to the world feast. So if you are looking for a Nasi Goreng or burger you probably won’t find satisfaction here.

The portions are pretty small, but big on freshness, quality and flavour – truly top notch. For those who like a cocktail or two, the drinks list at La Favela could well be the most extensive in all of Bali, supported by an absolutely huge selection of liquors and wines to keep even the most demanding drinkers in the world happy.

Hujan Locale

This delightful spot in Ubud is all about celebrating the diverse cuisine and culinary culture of the islands of Indonesia, but with a contemporary twist.

For any lover of food, or the culinary arts, this is one of the few establishments that is really trying to further the boundaries of modern local cuisine. The name “Hujan” means rain in Indonesia – and definitely brings to mind the lush green paddy fields of Ubud, a mere stone throw from the restaurant.


Hujan Locale’s menu brings together the best local ingredients, coming directly from local farmers and has a big focus on building links with the surrounding community. We particularly love the location of Hujan, situated on Jalan Sri Wedari, one of the quaintest in Ubud with lovely Balinese style buildings lining the roads, creating a quintessentially rustic feeling to the area. The interior of Hujan  is uncomplicated and simplistic, white-washed timber features and cane chairs, oozing an air of quiet refinement.

Single Fin

If you are hanging out in Uluwatu, Single Fin is one of the premier locations to get into position to take in the postcard perfect cliff top ocean views.  The ideal surfers' hang out, with a great selection of hearty food options, and a really huge wood deck to kick back – its one of our favourite spots in all of Bali.

If you head there during the day, it's one of the most chilled places to be – grab a bintang, listen to some tunes and do some reading, with the crowd largely there to take in the view.

Come night time, and Single Fin takes on a more party atmosphere – attracting local surfers and tourists to the stunning location, with pumping music and regular party events. The Sunday sessions is a well known must do Bali experience – a great place to bid farewell to another weekend on the island of the gods.


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