DIY: Baby Gift Bundles

DIY: Baby Gift Bundles

We love personalising gifts, and today we'll show you how to put together an adorable bundle, perfect for baby showers or kids' parties. 

Step 1: Putting it all together 

You're going to need a box, and if you're on a budget, any cardboard recyclable box would do. Dress it up by throwing over a cloth and you're good to go! Baskets work great as well, giving your bundle a bit of a rustic charm. To make your bundle a little prettier, add a few fresh stalks of flowers or baby's breath.

If you're looking for a basket large enough to fit your bundle, and to later be used as a storage basket, see the Irony Basket.

Step 2: Add something soft and snug

Pillows to cuddle up to is always a good idea. Kids love using their imagination, encourage creativity and learning by popping in one of our animal pillows or plushies that work great for children of any age.

Step 3: Cosy it up a little more

A play mat doubles up as a liner or comforter for the cot, and also makes everything just a little more cosier.

Step 4: Colour that won't mess

We love wall stickers. They're easy to stick and won't damage walls, plus it's a perfect way to get kids to interact with their surroundings. We've picked Tutti Fruitty for its bright, cheery and colourful design.

Step 5: Don't forget practical storage solutions

Our Kraftwerk bags can be used for just about anything and come in multiple designs. Great for storing diapers, toys, or as a rubbish bin, these handy paper bags are made from sturdy and durable paper so it'll last long and look stylish in any corner.

Step 6: Shine a little light

Mood lighting never hurt anyone, and works great as a night light for the little one. We love recommending our Sunny Sundae ice cream lamps for nurseries - they're battery operated, water-resistant and stylishly cute.

Step 7: Entertainment for babies

If you're going to a baby shower, hanging mobiles are a wonderful addition to your bundle. Our Starry Night or Little Storm Cloud designs work beautifully hung over a window while the breeze blows in, or atop the crib.

Step 8: SMILE!

We're offering 20% off our Kid's collection from today to the 19th September! Key in the code KIDSBUNDLE upon checkout to save. We hope we've got your creative juices flowing, now find a box or basket, and click KIDS to get started!

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