Easy DIY Decor This X'mas

Easy DIY Decor This X'mas

We love simple and fun DIY projects, so we've round up 5 clever and crafty things you could do to get your home festive ready.

#1 Crafter's Star Ornaments

First on our list is a simple paper ornament for a clean and nordic Christmas. If you like the idea of origami, then you'll love this. All you'll need are paper, scissors, string and a tiny bit of patience. Plus, if you have any leftover gift wrapping paper, it'll will work perfectly for this crafty project.

For detailed instructions, see here.

#2 Glistening Glasses

Have a bunch of old glasses lying around in the kitchen cabinet? Take your entertaining game up a notch with silver and gold permanent markers.

Fun for kids to get into as well, doodle festive speckles or names of your guests' on these glasses for an extra touch during dinner.

BONUS: To clean, simply use rubbing alcohol and you'll have your glassware spotless again. 

#3 Frosty Mellows

Dreaming of a white Christmas? Well not quite in sunny Singapore, but we can recreate that feeling with hot cocoa and snowman marshmallows!

To create a snowman's face, dab melted chocolate and icing on each marshmallow, and see your guests light up when you hand them this adorable beverage.

Want to go the extra mile and make peppermint marshmallow from scratch? Try this recipe!  

#4 Candied Cardholders

This simple table accessory is an easy way to style your plates with, and works wonderfully as a tripod to hold Christmas messages or names at the dinner table. For a finishing touch, add a ribbon at the top to style.

See how to do it here.

#5 Tree's a charm

These paper pine trees are great as centrepieces for your table or console. Sprinkle some confetti for a wintery effect, and line with fairylights for some sparkle and ambience to your mini forest. 

Learn how to create these here.

Merry Christmas!

Header image from Merrythought
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