Less is more: Minimalism at Home

Less is more: Minimalism at Home

Living minimal is a way of life for many, particularly common in compact Japanese urban settings. On today's blog post, we discover simple living in a stylish home in Tel Aviv, that took minimalism to a whole new level.

To avoid creating an overly clinical feel, curate decor and fixtures with special attention, and keep your home airy and spacious, with no clutter in sight.

As much as we like to display just about everything, keep things to a minimum and make sure you've got plenty of space for storage. This could be old magazines, shoes, or costume jewellery on the dresser. Organise and place them in glass boxes for style, or pretty baskets under the table so nothing ever looks out of place.

If you ever feel your heart racing a little faster when you see mess, it's probably time to enforce some neatness in your life. Shelving with symmetrical layered books and having everything in its right place will do wonders to your home, and heart rate. 

Clean lines and empty spaces with just a few decorative pieces serves the classic 'less is more' motto. Your space will look and feel lighter.


The use of pale, muted colours and dusty tones as a backdrop, will give your home a refreshing contemporary look. These colours work well with any contrasting colour, natural elements like wood or stone, and metal accents.

And like all styling tips for spaces, lighting is key, especially when it comes to creating the perfect mood for your home. From a soft ambient glow in the corner to channeling your focus at the work desk - see our Minima Lamp and the Bunker Light to get you started. 

Living minimally has its obvious benefits. Less cleaning, less stress. To a more organised household! 

All Images in this blog post, apart from Cluster-Cluster product montage, are from Dezeen.
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