Colour Collection: Gifts For Mum

Colour Collection: Gifts For Mum

In colour psychology, a person's favourite colour can tell a lot about their personality. For this coming Mother's day, we decided to come up with a collection, with a colourful twist, so you can shower mum with her favourite shade to match who she is.

Lovers of the colour blue are thoughtful, and a peaceful soul. They bring great gifts of quality, and are sincere and thoughtful.

From top left to bottom right: Golden Road Art Print by Christine Olmstead, Chainlink Candle in lavender scent, Mosaic Trinket Box, ClusterHOME's Peacock Blue Cushion and Pottery Lamp

Lovers of the colour white are all about simplicity, openness and purity. They normally possess a confident personality type, are neat and immaculate in their appearance,

From top left to bottom right: Leaf Art Print by Christine Olmstead, Gardener's Water Spritzer, Pineapple Lamp, Holborn Crystal Box, ClusterHOME'sMini Silverline Planter and Cross Bead Cushion.

If pink is her favourite colour, she is loving, kind, generous and sensitive to the needs of others. The nurturers of the world.

From top left to bottom right: Catching Light Art Print by Yorkelee Print, Honeycomb Terrarium, Minima Lamp, Chelsea Photo Frame, Moscow Copper Cup and ClusterHOME's Shine Bright Cushion

The colour of happiness, wisdom and imagination, yellow is chosen by the mentally adventurous with a sunny personality and a strong sense of humour.

From top left to bottom right: Savoy Lamp, Gold Rim White Jar, Clover Mirror, Octavia Treasure Box, ClusterHOME's Golden Arch Cushion and Golden Goddess Vase. 

Prestige and power are important to lovers of the colour black. They are independent, strong-willed and determined, and like to be in control of situations.

From top left to bottom right: Art Breco Teapot, Parlour Picture Frame, ClusterHOME's Weave Basket, Agate Coasters, Bermuda Cushion and Cornwall Photo Frame

For brown colour lovers out there, they are honest, down-to-earth and wholesome, salt of the earth people with both feet planted firmly on the ground. Always steady and reliable and quietly confident.

From top left to bottom right: ClusterHOME's Feather Splinter Tribal Necklace, Rusti Cushion, Wood Box Mirror, Copper Mug and Mosaic Brown Vase

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