Plantscape Ideas to Beautify your Home

Plantscape Ideas to Beautify your Home

We all want a cosy space to come home to, and one quick-fix solution is to incorporate refreshing plant life into your spaces.

My Domaine and sfgirlbybay

(Images from My Domaine and Sfgirlbybay)

For the living room, experiment with corner styling by placing a dramatic planter pot next to the seating area.  If you prefer something more dramatic, try adding a cluster of potted plants by the coffee or side table to help balance the look.

Begin your plantscape experiment with sturdy plants that are easy to upkeep like the Spider or Snake plant. These are great starter plants, and air purifying as well, for a low maintenance household.   

 12th and white and House of Philia  and Nordic Bliss

(Images from 12th and whiteHouse of Philia and Nordic Bliss)

If you like keeping things low key, try experimenting with a small planter atop your coffee table in the living room. This will instantly spruce up the one space you're most likely hanging out in more often that the others.

Other options include placing your planter or flower display on a tray along side candles and coffee table books to create a stylish display.

sfgirlbybay and Apartment Therapy

(Image from Sfgirlbybay and Apartment Therapy)

For the dining room, a centrepiece with flamboyant leaves, like the Monstera plant exudes minimal effort of style, while a floral arrangement adds a more delicate touch to the table.

(Images from The Design Chaser and Better Homes and Gardens)

With the growing trend of open concept kitchens and dry kitchens, breakfast counters and kitchen islands are often overlooked by homeowners. A plant on the counter top will immediately transform the otherwise mundane counter to a trendy cafe bar-top.

My Domaine and Lisbet e

(Images from My Domaine and Lisbet e)

For a refreshing morning wake, place fresh plant life in your bathrooms to start your day right.

White orchids are a great way to style your bathroom with elegance, or go tropical and snip some leaves from your large potted plant to add to your bathroom sink for a healthy hello.

The Every Girl and Inspired by Charm

(Images from The Every Girl and Inspired by Charm)

For bedrooms, air purifying plants are always a great first choice to help clean the air while you sleep. Other plant styling ideas include odd shaped terrariums that are really easy to maintain, and with many designs to choose from, your options are endless. 

For large home plants, head over to pots and vases.

But if you're looking for something you don't need to water everyday, our faux plants will deceive even the curious of eyes. Check them out here.

Happy plantscaping!

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