Styling Nooks & Crannies

Styling Nooks & Crannies

On today's blog post, we explore styling little corners and weird in-between places that don't have an automatic interior solution.

Find yourself in decorating limbo? Read on to learn how to turn these small, awkward spaces into your favourite little spot.


While the most obvious way to dress up your balcony is to create a mini garden with plants and foliage, anchoring your plants with stylish pots will give your spaces a much more consistent theme, while adding a little bit of style to it all.

Every balcony is different so if you've got a narrow one, give it some texture with our outdoor jute rugs, small enough to fit in awkward spaces. For comfort, if you've got foldable chairs, dress them up with throw pillows.

For ambience, style with candles for a romantic wind down to the evenings or fairylights in terrariums.



Ah hallways, that space that joins your living area to your bedrooms. We walk through this space on a daily basis, and having it styled with personality will make a massive difference to the start of the day.  

Begin by styling with pictures, either with hanging framed art, prints, photographs, or installing wallpaper for an extra decorative touch. It's an easy solution and won't damage your walls.

If you're renovating, get your contractor to install a hanging light fixture for ambience in the evenings. Place a runner, or smaller sized rug for comfort - bonus is it also serves as a noise absorber for feet traffic in the house.




Corners are tricky and tend to get overlooked. They're either too small for a table console, or too tight for anything large without blocking the way.

An easy trick is to light up these corners with a lamp on a small sized side table. You can also dress it up with a mirror or art print above. It will serve as a great spot for flowers, or corner ambience in the evenings.

If you'd rather leave the floors empty, try installing wall shelves to serve as a display for decor, art prints and potted plants.



We tend to talk a lot about our wallpaper, and for good reason. If you've got a few steps in the house, and want to give it more personality, try using wallpaper to give your staircase a revival. 

If you've got extra width on your tread, terrariums, little potted plants or vases could be what you need to decorate against the stairway.



The spare toilet normally used by guests can sometimes look clinical and boring. We've had customers breathe life into these tiny rooms with our decorative mirrors and boy do they make a big difference.

For something extra, get rid of the ceiling mount light and install a pendant lamp instead. 

For small sink spaces, or above the toilet bowl, place a scented candle or a plant to give it a bit of freshness. It's all about the tiny details!



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