Taking interior to the dark side

Taking interior to the dark side

While the white-on-white interior trend will always be a classic look, today we explore homes dipped in inkier hues. Keep scrolling as we take interiors to the dark side.

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But first, choose a base colour
Take your pick from a neutral base colour like gunmetal grey to deep walnut or dark taupe. If you're feeling a little adventurous, rich and timeless tones like dark emerald, navy or royal blue are great shades as a backdrop.

Just remember, perfecting the dark look works well with a minimal colour palette, partnered with various shades of similar intensity, and finished with a punch. 

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Create mood lighting
Going dark doesn't mean sitting in complete darkness, and dimmable down-lights or lamps that cast a smaller and more focused angle will do just the trick. Place a standing lamp with a warm light by your sofa or lounge chair for cosy mood lighting that's so inviting, you'd never want to leave.

Always aim to have at least 3 corners of a room lit with lighting. Accessories like a table lamp  or Fairy lightsscented candles in a terrariums are a great way to create an ambience.

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Layer texture with natural elements
From using dark wood like walnut or mahogany with leather for wall panelling, to tiling black granite or marble, these natural elements are great for adding texture to your interior.

Wallpaper like the Canary Wharf, Glamorama and Old Slate are ideal as a stylish alternative without the hefty price tag. 

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Strike a balance with colours
Nothing speaks luxe like precious stones and metals. Style your interior with jewel tones alongside black and white furniture and home accessories for a spectrum of visual delight.
The Imperial Tribute Jar in green and Chess Piece Side Table in blue are great elements to get the look.

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Add polish with metals
Accents of gold, silver and copper adds that sophisticated shine to any space. See them reflect and refract soft glows from your lighting in your ambient dark interior.

The Gilded Treasure Boxes are a great way to add that sparkle and serve as a practical solution for storing your trinkets.

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Wall mirrors
Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, but one other thing they have in common is - they all create the illusion of space. It's an easy interior trick that works for all rooms.

Give your feet a hug
Add a neutral coloured rug like Nautical or Zebra rug for texture and cosiness - happy and well rested feet is key to a healthy mind. 

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Breathe life into your space
One of the most understated elements to completing the look and mood of a space are plants. Style your favourite indoor plant (read our tips on how to here) with the El Dorado pot that features a gold rim on a reflective black base, or see other planter pot designs here

Going dark could surprise you, and give your space a vibe that exaggerates cosiness. In terms of interior style, you can partner anything with a dark palette - Scandi to glamorous interiors with a slight boho edge, but really - anything goes.

The force looks strong in this interior trend. Go forth and explore.

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