Travel Diaries: Karmakamet Diner, Bangkok

Travel Diaries: Karmakamet Diner, Bangkok

Tucked in a quiet location and accessed through a hidden alleyway in Bangkok, Karmakamet Diner is like a secret oasis waiting to be discovered. With my camera in hand, and appetite to be fed, I burrowed into this stylish rabbit-hole. Read on to discover this wonderful find with me.

Drawn first by its lush greenery around the bend, I detoured and took my entrance from the alfresco area. Oh the endless outdoor parties this space could host.

And as I entered, I noticed immediately the blending of both industrial and 18th century elements. I was greeted with a stylish mix of wood and steel, and brick shelves hung with potpourri and gunny sacks littered around the mezzanine. Along with old world industrial pieces combined, this gave the entire space a charming steampunk vibe to it all.

The neatly placed and linear display of fragrance bottles from the Karmakamet aromatic products store was also cleverly used as partitions and screens to the cafe's interior, adding texture and the illusion of space with natural light shining through.

With hanging lamps casting a warm glow, combined with peeks of natural sunlight, I happily satisfied my hunger with a delicious country style, rustic Italian meal.  

Karmakamet Diner exudes a charmingly cosy ambience, into its very own secret world as they say, away from the bustling streets and traffic.

Explore this hidden gem at 30/1 Sukhumvit Soi 24 Bangkok.

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