Cluster-Cluster was born in 2013 in Singapore, and began as a sourcing consultancy for interior designers, contractors and stylists, looking for unique pieces that were unattainable in their home country.

With a network that spans across South-East Asia and China, Australia and parts of Europe, we made friends along the way and have wonderful relationships with designers, manufacturers and suppliers, sourcing numerous projects for clients across the globe.

In 2014, Cluster-Cluster launched its first e-commerce platform in Singapore. 

With ready stocked items, customers received fast home deliveries, or had the option of dropping by the Cluster-Cluster HQ to shop in-store, meet and greet with us, and see products in person.

In 2015, ClusterHOME was launched, our first in-house designed homeware brand featuring artisanal decor made with loving care by craftsmen in South-East Asia.

In 2017, after 4 amazing years serving customers in Singapore, Cluster-Cluster transitioned, and shifted focus to the international market. 

We went back to our roots and brought back personalised sourcing for retail, businesses, home owners and interior designers through Room Service. While customers who choose to shop right off our website can do so via Shop, a space where we feature hand-picked pieces we absolutely love. 

We're only happy when our products are good enough for our own homes!